Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shimelle Crop - Take Your Pick

The last challenge that I have had time to take part in is to go back in time and choose any previous challenge that you haven't had time to complete, for example from the Glitter Girl series and 4x6 Photo Love amongst others. The original blog post is here.

I always followed the 4x6 Photo Love series and always meant to get round to completing them but for various reasons I never did. I went to my pile of photos and decided to scrap our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Then I went back to the months and looked at the various sketches. As I mostly had landscapes with just one or two portrait photos printed I chose to do May's layout. This can be found here.

My final design is similar to the originals in terms of placement of items, but at the same time very different thanks to the colours I chose. There was another difference in that Snapfish offers the option to have prints slightly smaller than 6x4 so that digital photos don't need to be cropped. As such, I ended up with some blank space at either end, where I added another patterned paper.

Thanks for looking :)





julandmatt said...

Cool pictures and layout. I have a bridge I want to scrap about too. So you've given me a few ideas. I love the hardware you used to - show's!


Cynthia said...

Great layout! I love how you positioned your photos giving the idea of length, like the bridge. Well done! =D

Jen said...

Thanks for your comments :)