Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Dickens Festival and Yo Sushi!

Yo Sushi!
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We have had a lovely day at the Dickens Festival, with glorious sunshine for the majority of the time. There were a few technical hiccups during the first of our performances, but these were ironed out by the second one. Not least for me was the shock of having a different backing track for As Long As He Needs Me to the one that I had rehearsed with!

Anyway, onto the layout. This is very bright as I wanted to reflect the colourful nature of both the bowls and food at Yo Sushi. The circle paper complemented the bowls perfectly, while the paisley shapes reminded me of fish! I also used blobs of glossy accents to simulate the domed lids of the bowls.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


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So, we went to Legoland yesterday - despite the rain we still managed to have a good time. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to take many photos, due to the weather :-( However, I will post a couple when I get them uploaded.

This is a LO I did a while ago but realised I hadn't uploaded! I wanted to keep it simple so I used ribbon, chipboard, cardstock and a tiny bit of patterned paper. I glittered the title myself and then covered the flower with the patterned paper, sanding and then inking the edges.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Brown Eyed Gal

Brown Eyed Gal
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Well, we are having a lazy day here, so hopefully that means I will get some scrapping time :-) I also need to pop into town to stock up on some more rechargeable batteries as we're off to Legoland on Wednesday - hoping for plenty of photo opportunities!

This LO was created using the May kit from Carolinez Craftz. It is full of turquise, pink, yellow and brown goodness by Heidi Swapp. Have wanted to scrap this photo for ages, and the colours and patterns from this kit seemed perfect.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Spectacles Case

Spectacles Case 3
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Woohoo, it's half term!! Looking forward to a restful weekend, then a busier week :-)

This is a project I made using my leftovers from the NSD kit - it is a spectacles case which I covered with the papers, plus the flral ribbon and some flowers.

I now only have one more outstanding LO to share with you, so I'm hoping to get busy scrapping tomorrow. I also need to get a photo order in, but I'm not sure whether to wait until after we've been to Legoland on Wednesday. I think I'll probably do one before then, as I have a Scrap Attack night at Scrapbook Sisters on Friday and will need something to work with then.

But, again, WOOHOO, it's half term!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hitchin' a Ride with Grandad

And this was the last LO I made with the NSD kit. Not got much more to say today, except that I finished writing my Year 8 reports - woohoo!

Oh, and I wanted to say thanks to Debzzzzzzz for her posts (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) - it's lovely to read your comments :-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

One Little Head...

One Little Head...
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I love this photo of Oscar - he's so lost in thought as he tucks into his jam! I truly would love to know what he is thinking!
This was the third LO from my NSD kit and I didn't feel it needed a lot on the page as the photo is key. I'm impressed with myself for managing more in depth journalling, though.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Boyns Family - Florida Style

This was the 2nd LO I completed with the NSD kit. The photo is of Mark, mum, dad and me in the Florida Everglades in 1997 - 11 years ago!!

Not got much else to say today, other than that my grandad is in hospital. He fell outside and his carer found him there this morning - it seems he might have been there all night. Today they've been working to warm him up, but he's broken his thigh bone, amongst other things. Just waiting to see what happens now. He recognised us all at the hospital but couldn't really say very much.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No. 3 and Year 11s are gone!

No. 3
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So today was the Year 11 leaving assembly. I didn't get to go as I'm now a Year 10 form tutor, which is a shame, but by all accounts it went well :-) It will be very strange not seeing my English group on a regular basis from now on. As some of you know, I really struggled when I first took them on in Year 10, but this year I have developed a very good relationship with them. I really hope they do well in their exams - they do deserve to, having tried so hard!

This LO was the first one I did using my NSD kit. It didn't take long to put together but I'm really pleased with how effective it looks. I also love this photo of my mum!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

National Scrapbook Day the Results!

National Scrapbook Day
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Just giving a quick preview of the projects I made with Caroline's NSD kit - will showcase them one at a time in the next few days :D

This kit was totally out of my comfort zone so I really enjoyed stretching myself and trying some new things - thanks Caroline!

It's been another gorgeous day here. Aside from completing another LO and the spectacles case project I went shopping with mum and dad this morning. I got two gorgeous dresses and a lovely top - my mum is such a bad influence!

Carl went off to the theatre just after 3 so I kept myself busy with the scrapping and then watched La Vie En Rose - which made me cry.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Tomboy at Heart

Tomboy at Heart
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Phew, it sure has been hot and muggy here today! It was a struggle to manage even 15 minutes on the exercise bike and I promptly fell asleep on the sofa afterwards.

This was a LO for a challenge during the Cybercrop to use a sketch. I reversed the sketch and subsituted a photo for a home made embellishment, and I'm so pleased with the result.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mini Movie Star

Mini Movie Star
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Another beautiful day here - I even wore a skirt to work for the first time in 2008!! It was amazing how many people commented on the fact too, lol.

This LO was completed for a challenge during the UKS Cybercrop which involved using "glamour" or a similar word in the title of the LO. I substituted "Star" for glamour and then inlcuded "glamorous" in my journaling. The top two photos are a little bit blurred as Millie was running around like a mad thing at Heather and Ed's wedding! Have been wanting to scrap these pictures for about 6 months so I'm glad I finally got the impetus to do it.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pixar on Parade and May Day

Pixar on Parade
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So, we had a glorious bank holiday weekend - who would have thought it?! I thought, in addition to my LO today, I'd post a couple of photos of us enjoying ourselves at Riverside yesterday. Well, not me, as I was behind the camera the whole time!

Meanwhile, this LO was the one class I did during the UKScrappers Cybercrop. It was all about using white space, so it automatically appealed to me. I got to use some of my new Maya Road stamps, as well as scrapping a few more parade photos!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Joy of Discovery

Joy of Discovery
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Yay, the sun has been shining two days in a row!! Finally it feels like spring is definitely here and summer might actually be on its way.

On the down side, my friend's cat passed away and today I read an article about losing a cat in the paper. I hope this isn't an omen as Sasha's twitching seems worse today and she keeps disappearing to be on her own :-(

But, being upbeat, yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day and I had a lovely time using my NSD kit by Carolinez Craftz and participating in challenges on the forumz. This LO is actually not part of the day, but the result of the first week of step-by-step LOs. Each day, Paula posted part of the instructions and on Friday we had a completed LO. Well, I had a completed LO on Saturday morning when I stuck it all down lol! Really pleased with the result, especially as I finally used one of the gorgeous Rhonna Farrer Christmas papers.

Today Carl spent the whole morning at the theatre for the Dress Rehearsal of Dad's Army but we were out in the sunshine yesterday afternoon, playing football in mum's garden with Amelia. She even shouted out "Go Gills!", completely unprompted, though it didn't help their cause yesterday...

Tomorrow Rob, Row, Carl, me and the kids are going to Riverside for a picnic, so we'll keep our fingers crossed for nice weather again!