Sunday, September 23, 2007

Efforts from Saturday's Crop

So here are the LOs I completed at the crop on Saturday. Really pleased with the fact I got 4 completed alongside covering the 8" chipboard letters for Amelia's room. They just need their final decoration now. The last LO (the one of me and Carl) is based on Cheryl’s sketch in the latest Scrapbook Inspirations. Today I've been working on some other projects and they will be online before too long - will link you to them when they're available :D

On other notes, it's going to be a busy week - with Revellers rehearsal tomorrow, the extra performance of the play for the Mayor on Tuesday and prizegiving on Wednesday, it means I'm out every day this week - eek! I think I might need to sleep all day next Sunday lol!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Masterchef Round 5 - the mini book

Well, I estimate I worked on this for about 9 hours but I really think the end result was worth it!

I decided to create a baby proof mini book made totally from fabric and other soft, squidgy materials. Everything in here was hand sewn using running stitch, back stitch, and the occasional cross stitch. I used 5" fabric squares as the base of the book and stitched them back to back before turning them inside out to get lovely neat edges. I then stuffed them with wadding to get a padded effect and secured all the pages together with ribbon, having first punched the holes with my cropadile (it's first use!). I printed the photos onto Calico fabric which I attached to cardstock with temporary Herma adhesive, having previously run it through the printer to check where the photos would print.

Thanks for looking - please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Masterchef - and so it continues!

So, I've made it through to another round and this time there are only 7 of us left. Our next challenge is to create an innovative mini book using any materials we want. I have a great idea but I'm not sure I can get hold of the materials in time. I also have a second idea, which is possibly more "do-able" in the time I've got, but not as creative and innovative!

But I figured I can now finally put all my entries on my blog as the competition is no longer anonymous - enjoy!

On a completely different note, I'm also back at school. It feels so different this year, and I'm much more relaxed about it. Let's see how I feel come half term, lol!