Sunday, November 25, 2007

The past week in New Zealand

Sorry it's been a week since I last updated! However, I have been hearing from mum and dad almost daily so have lots to tell you now.

Monday 19th November

A glass bottom boat was the setting for today's trip. They ate fish and chips "to die for" - apparently blue snapper is far tastier than cod! It was 72 degrees and mum got a bit burnt but she assures me she then bought some suncream - bit late for that, methinks!! The day was finished nicely with tea out on the deck which overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Tuesday 20th November

Mum and dad woke up to clear blue skies and the day was spent at Rapaura Water Gardens and Coromandel Town. Breakfast was eaten al fresco in the same style as tea last night. The evening was spent at the Eco Sanctuary where they took part in the Glow Worm tour, complete with miners' lamps. It involved walking through the words and turning off the lamps when they reached the stream which was all lit up by the glow worms.

Wednesday 21st November

Today's entry on the itinerary says "Lord of the Rings and Waitomi caves". They got to see Hobbiton and apparently the little houses are all very cute. Dinner consisted of steak and chipcs which cost just £6!

Thursday 22nd November

This was the first day of a two night stay in Rotorua including a caving expedition in the morning. Mum described it as an "absolutely brill day" topped off by a very enjoyable evening with their hosts, where dad got tipsy "again" lol!!

Friday 23rd November

Mum and dad went to see the geysers today but I have very little info about them to give you! The only other comment is that mum has been walking so much, she is "like a little mountain goat". The mind boggles!

Saturday 24th November

Not had a detailed description of this day yet but I know the evening was spent at a Maori dinner show which was very good. I would know more except I had fallen asleep before mum phoned at 10.15 last night and as such can't recall a whole lot of the conversation due to not being with it - oops!

Well, I hope that keeps you all going for now - all I know is that I'm very jealous!

And on a final, actually crafty, note - I finished the large chipboard letters for Amelia's room today. Will get them photographed and post the pics up here asap :D

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Foo Fighters and The Lion Man!

Well, what a busy weekend the family have had.

It was Carl's birthday yesterday and I bought him tickets to see The Foo Fighters at the O2 Arena. We went last night, picking Mark and Sophie up at 5pm and getting there about 5.45. Firstly I was amazed at how much was in there!! We counted at least 2 clubs (complete with doormen), numerous bars and restaurants, the Tutankhamun exhibition and a massive cinema alongside the Arena itself. Inside the arena it wasn't as big as Madison Square Gardens but the top tier didn't half look steep! We had standing tickets and spent quite a while sitting on the cold stone floor inbetween the acts, and they had the air conditioning on the whole time which was a bit too much earlier in the evening.

The first support act were good, I think they were called Bradley Cole...not sure as they came on while I went to the toilet! Then Serj Tankian from System of a Down played and was fantastic live - I'm not a fan of System of a Down normally but he was great.

And finally the Foos came on! We were standing about halfway back and on the edge but soon discovered this was a mistake. Everyone kept crowding in front and alongside of us, and lots of people were arguing with the stewards who were trying to keep the aisle clear. There was very little that Sophie and I could see as all the really tall people kept pushing and standing right in front of us! About twenty minutes in we decided to go and stand near the back (we were also finding being covered in beer that was thrown was not particularly appealing!) and we could see far more. We also found this to be the perfect spot for when they came down and did their acoustic set - we were so close at that point!

All the tracks they played were fantastic, with the tracks from the new album sounding particularly fresh. Would definitely go and see them again but might go for close up seats next time!

Oh, and kudos for the special guests!!

Now onto mum and dad.

In my last update I told you that they had landed in New Zealand. On their first night mum learned a new expression. Apparently it is Australian and means you had a good meal - it is "Swizzle on the dizzle!"

Yesterday (their Sunday) they went to Zion Park, which is where the TV show The Lion Man is filmed. They saw Zion, the main lion who portrayed Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia and had a behind the scenes tour. Craig (the Lion Man himself!) stopped working on a digger to talk to them for a while and mum had her photo taken with him. The highlight of their visit was a 20 minute one-on-one with two 10-month old white lion cubs. Apparently there are lots of lovely photos and I can't wait to see them! Oh, and that day they also had fresh bread and butter pudding for breakfast, straight out of the oven lol.

Right, I've waffled on for far too long but talking of photos, as soon as we upload them from Carl's phone I will post any that are half decent here - I'm hoping to have a couple so I can do a LO!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Landed in New Zealand

Had a text from mum to say that they had landed about 4.30, which means it is 4.30 in the morning over there! Wonder how the jet lag will work?!

They enjoyed their last few hours in San Francisco: mum was stuffed after eating half the largest slice of carrot cake in the world at the Cheesecake Factory, lol. They also loved the Christmas decorations in Macys and have photos of them - I believe mum may even feature in one of them, so that is the real miracle of Christmas!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Union Square Christmas Tree

This morning mum and dad were sat in Union Square watching the christmas tree being put up. They were sunbathing as the temperature was in the 70s!! Apparently the tree is 86 feet tall and the one at Fisherman's Wharf was also pretty big.

Right about now they should be into their shopping....and mum said she wasn't going to do any shopping until she got to LA!

Tomorrow they fly to New Zealand and effectively lose Thursday because of the time difference...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mum and Dad...

...are having a whale of a time in San Francisco! Yesterday they went to Alcatraz in the afternoon and today they are in Yosemite. Tomorrow is their last day there before flying to New Zealand and apparently they are planning to look round the local shops including Bloomingdales, Disney Store and Cheesecake Factory.

I'm green with jealousy over that last one - can't believe I have to wait til 2009 before I get back to a Cheesecake Factory - I'm almost drooling right now!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

This is the LO I created after going to the Chipboard Chatters class at Scrapbook Sisters. There I used UTEE for the first time, despite having owned some for over a year! The chipboard shapes are painted and inked then embossed three times. I added rubons, some doodling and journalling, along with a Making Memories jewell brad to finish it off.

I love this photo of Oscar and the way he is framed by the blurred outline of his play gym. I used fairly old papers as well as some bits and pieces from a QVC kit. The chipboard flowers have been covered and then doodled on, and there is hidden journalling on a tag under the photo.

This is a LO I did about 6 weeks ago and in theory it is the first LO in my recipe scrapbook! The recipe is for Carl's paella which is absolutely delicious :D

And one last update from mum and dad - the room service at their hotel is great: a huge burger, chips and salad for a fiver!!

Mum and Dad arrived

Just a post for anyone who wants to be updated on my Mum and Dad's progress around the US and New Zealand:

I had a text at midnight (4pm San Francisco time) to say they were in their limo, so we know they arrived safely :)

Will update about their trip whenever I get news from them!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Long Overdue Update!

I have been really lax at updating recently - firstly because I haven't got round to photographing anything I've done recently but secondly because I sent my last three LOs off to The Scrapbook Magazine without photographing them at all! I figured I'd have a shot at entering their competition although I'm not 100% certain if I'm eligible as they paid me for a LO earlier this year! So apologies for the lack of updates (especially to Karen!!).

Anyway, I have one new LO that I will photograph and upload asap - it's using the chipboard accents that I learnt how to make at the Chipboard Chatters class at Scrapbook Sisters and uses photos of my cousin's wedding.

I'll also be using my blog to update anyone who may be vaguely interested in my mum and dad's progress during their tour of San Francisco-New Zealand-LA! Right now they are somwhere above the Atlantic and we believe their flight actually took off on schedule :D